Fil Janna

by Zero Plastica



a song from Anis Ghardi’s “To Paradise” FILM >>> WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: <<<


ENGLISH translation [thanks to Imen Ben Achour, Magee McIlvaine & Amanda Macchia]:

[Nio]- Corpses piled high in the street / a man's life here in italy is a challenge / the smell of jasmine and malaria in the air/ a short story set in a Mediterranean landscape / With the Arab Spring, everything began with a flame and a man and who screamed "Enough!" / He is on a boat. Swift passage from hell. hoping he'll find a better place/ he faces destiny / Fighting with knuckles since sun-up / a one way ticket to hell / an honest life turns quickly to dust /  Heaven awaits, demons demons screaming and gnashing their teeth. Snakes twisting into black and anxious thoughts / gotta keep your eyes open.

[Ref]. (x2)
Crossed the seas and sent myself on an adventure
I wasted my life hiding in the darkness
Sacrificed my soul to darkness
Looking for shortcuts to heaven

[GoMan]- Due to poverty and misery he crossed the boarders / after january the 14th, the revolution broke the chains / like so many people he quit and said let's escape / a welcome boat opened doors to the unknown / it doesn't matter if he gets there dead or alive / since he has spent his life in frustration, in worthless existence / At last, with sorrow, he left behind his mother and father / he left his sister, his brother his friends and enemies / across seas a stranger is looking for a new life / will he find feathers and glamour / will he go through the right path or the wrong one with his pockets empty/ he wants to have a better life but also live clean / he is decent man who got it all wrong / he found out that people are ruthless / that they love a jungle where survival is for the fittest / for the sake of money the kind ones are doomed / he strayed and chose the wrong path, a path of drugs and alcohol / prostitution, gangs, hanging with the wrong crowd / he shattered his life to pieces / it all went into flames like a match touching gas...

[Lure]- Gimme the cash, i'm on the run / ain't got no time to think about this disgusting life i'm living / a fast life is running into my veins like the white one i'm selling to the beautiful people / dreams are expensive / now i can see sluts and poppas in the palm of my hand / no games, ain't no trick with money / tarot said i gotta hide ten grams in my underpants / too much war going on in my head, and from the street to the sky it stops here on earth / the paradise is far from the sky, i'll bring my earthly hate to life after death / now i can hear angels that are knocking on my door, the key is broken, no way to heaven / paradise is only dream except for those who've got an angel who lifts them out of shit

[Ref]. (X2)



released November 7, 2011
title:Fil Janna
authors: Zero Plastica
Siae author: Federico Rosa
label: Nomadiw Wax Recordings
year: 2011
lyrics by: Nio, Lure & G.O.Man
beat by: Nio
mixed by: RobiGabri
studio: Basement UnderGround
length: 4',44"
country: Italy - Tunisia
from: To Paradise (Original Motion Picture Soundtrak)
a film directed by: Anis Gharbi




all rights reserved


Zero Plastica Genova, Italy

"Long before Occupy Wall Street, Italian rappers Zero Plastica gave voice to the plight of the 99% — the messed up economy, political chicanery, organized crime, lack of opportunity and overwhelming odds stacked against regular people. The Genoan rappers have been penning Public Enemy-style lyrics for a decade". - MTV

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